Some Personal Details About Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells

With specialty in personal care, Dr. Jim Eells works at “Jim Roberrt Eells MD LTD”. He offers professional medical services in Nevada.Dr. Jim works in the medical field specifically in Nevada.He successfully received his college diploma at Nevada University’s School of Medicine. Then, he continued a degree in medicine.He is also a prominent physician in Las Vegas with board certification from “American Board of Internal Medicine”.

He accomplished his residency in the “University Medical Center” in Las Vegas while becoming a board certified in 1992.Before he attended medical school, Dr. Eells finished his “Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology” at the “University of Nevada”. Visit us here:

He was professionally licensed to practice medicine since 1990 here in Nevada.In 2009, he was actually named as the Top Physician in America by the “Research Council of America”.He offers exceptional medical service as he works personally with his patients. This helps him to be an excellent healthcare service provider in town.

Dr. Eells handles his patients with ultimate care for better results. He is committed to helping people in the best way possible.With this, Dr. Eells can maintain a professional practice while enabling himself to provide better solutions to who needs his service.Dr. Eells is dedicated to providing excellent personal and medical attention that patients need. Quick recovery is then anticipated once he took care of a patient.He actually offers affordable concierge or personalized care basically in Nevada.

Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Eells lets his patients to interact with him personally in order to make better outcomes.Dr. Eells supports people who need effective treatment for long term illness, ways to attain wellness goals as well as how to control aging process.His specialties include personalized care, affordable concierge medicine, anti-aging, and pre-emptive health management.

Up to date, Dr. Eells is the president at “Dr. Jim Robert Eells Personal Care” since November 2006.Dr. Eells also began working since 1992 as the president at “Jim Robert Eells MD LTD”.Dr. Eells also offers remarkable medical solutions while focusing on his clients’ welfare.
As a matter of fact, Dr. Eells perfectly understands that healthy body is attained proactively.His personal care services help people to enjoy healthier and happier life with better lifestyle. He targets healthy physique with total enjoyment.This doctor also makes sure that individuals in Nevada are living physically and mentally healthy. This is his definition of success.

The target is to help patients to attain utmost health along with proper lifestyle.He knows how to professionally speak English with fluency in Spanish too.He also take part in various groups such as “Las Vegas Networking” and more.

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